Quarantine Baking: Banana Bread!

Banana bread. Truly amazing. My mom has been making this banana bread for years and it’s a crowd pleaser! It’s a great breakfast or snack that tastes heavenly and fills your kitchen with a savory scent. This delicious bread is easy to make with few ingredients. If you’re stuck at home and feeling bored, quarantine baking is a great option! Hope you are all staying healthy and keeping busy😊

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Saying Bye to Comparison

Hello everyone! Happy Sunday! Where I live it was a beautiful, sunny day so I got some fresh air. Now as I’m typing this it’s raining, haha. I hope you are all staying healthy and safe! I’m keeping busy by reading lots and lots of books. I’m trying to cut down on screen time. Endlessly scrolling is so bad for your mental health, especially when you get caught in comparison.

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I don’t know about you, but sometimes I feel like I can’t trust celebrities. With questionable morals and unrealistic beauty, I can find my confidence dwindling when looking at their posts. I am mostly inspired by people in my life. Friends, family, teachers, and more have all influenced my life majorly. However, I have found some celebrity inspirations who are full of positivity, love, and adorable pictures.

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How to: Self Care Night

Ally Goad

    Hello There!! Welcome to my very first post! So, I know that it’s very hard to not feel stressed. Especially right now when it seems like the world is practically falling apart. So I would like to show you my favorite ways to cope and manage stress.

  1. The first way I usually unwind is to eat my favorite foods. Surprise! This can be a helpful way to improve your mood. But be cautious! Overeating may cause you to stress out more than you already are!!
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My Eating Disorder

Happy February! February can be kinda controversial. Some may love it for Valentine’s Day, others may hate it because of cold weather. Buzzfeed ranked it as the worst month of the year and I was a little offended because it’s my birthday month, haha. 

For me, February brings back a whole lot of memories. It was this month last year when I was diagnosed with anorexia. It was a very difficult and sad time for me. Looking back, it’s shocking to realize how much I hated myself and my life. I’m so grateful to have come such a long way.

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New Years Resolutions

With diet culture in full swing these days it’s uncommon to see resolutions that don’t have something to do with losing that extra weight or starting your new lifestyle. I didn’t shy away from trying to eat like a rabbit for my “lifestyle”, but it never lasted more than 3 days. This year I wanted something new and refreshing.

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Pancakes on Christmas

My dad, brother, and I all love breakfast. It’s special for me to be with my family while we hum to our favorite songs and flip pancakes in the morning. Since we love doing this together, we decided to give Jesus a birthday breakfast!

After opening our gifts downstairs, we all headed upstairs to prepare our meal. My dad makes the hashbrowns, and I make the pancakes. Normally I cook everyone’s pancakes, but my brother has gotten particular and has to make his himself!

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Aww podcasts! 🥰 I’ve always been a HUGE fan of podcasts! They have provided relief after a stressful day and give me great education value in the long run. I started listening to podcasts around winter last year. I have always loved reading, but wasn’t really keeping up with it like I should have. I wasn’t into listening into music at that time in my life, and decided I would listen to podcasts. I recommend listening to podcasts on Spotify.

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Expressing Gratitude

Lately it has seemed like everything has gone wrong. I’ve been overwhelmed with school, had unexpected challenges, and activities overlap. I’ve been feeling stressed and anxious, and I’m ashamed to say I haven’t been feeling thankful.

I know it sounds very cliche to write a post about thankfulness on Thanksgiving, but it’s true. Through my ungracious periods, I am reminded of the Lord’s love for me.

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Living in the Present

A few weeks ago at our weekly church class, we talked about living in the present. We talked about how it is okay to look forward to things, but that can’t be your main focus. We talked about how if you are focusing too much on what is to come or what has happened, that you will miss what is happening in the moment.

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